The following are services we can offer to customers with something as simple as a one sentence idea. What we do is take that idea and turn it into it's own unique identity. We believe in honesty and only present the expertise that we have attained over the last 18 years.
  • FrameWorks

    We have extensive experience with the following technologies and tools:
    1. jQuery
    2. jQuery Mobile
    3. jQuery UI
    4. BootStrap
    5. Android SDK
    6. Telerik
    7. InfraGistics
    8. RedGate
    9. Windows API Programming
    10. WinForms
  • Database Design

    Since we provide complete software solutions architecture, we also engage in database designs that reflect the different components discovered during software design. This is a conceptual service that we understand we may not be required to participate in the develop or implementation of the designed database.
  • Programming

    We have expertise in the following programming languages:
    1. C
    2. C++
    3. C#
    4. Java
    5. VB
    6. JavaScript: Despite at times arguably not considered a "language".

    Because of this we also provide debugging services to find bugs and recommend fixes specific to the line(s) of code that causes bugs.
  • .Net Server Controls

    We build .net server controls via overriding current framework controls or we may build custom server controls from ground up.
  • Team Foundation Server

    We implement all faucets of Team Foundation Server including but not limited to:
    1. Custom Team Project templates
    2. Custom Process Templates
    3. Custom Build Processes
    4. Automation and Integration into specific infrastructures
    5. Custom HttpModules and Web Services Overrides
    6. Custom VSIX integrated solution
  • Windows Services

    We build windows services from the ground up to either listen on ports, run continuously or to deploy WCF services.
  • Single Sign On

    Impementations including but not limited to LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Windows Live and Twitter. We may also developer your entity specific sign on according to the OAUTH standards of writing custom providers.