The idea of an academic software came to mind in 2007 when there was a curiosity of AbstraSoft creator to figure out a way to contribute to society. There are a number of different academic software available as options to the education entities. Despite this as with any consumer, we have a strong belief in the consumer having as many options as possible before they decide to use the desired product. AbstraEdu came out of an idea to present itself as one of those options.

Current State (Beta Version Release 09/25/2016)

The software is currently in it's infancy stage where features and functions are being rolled out as time progresses. The intention is for the software to create a bonding relationship with it's user who will ultimately drive how the software is built. We want the software to grow and build with its end user a close complimentary connection.

Current Key Features
  1. Manage Multiple Academic Institutions
  2. Manage Multiple Certifications per Institution
  3. Manage Multiple Curriculms per Certification
  4. Manage Multiple Courses per Certifications
  5. Manage Multiple Calendar Years per Institution
  6. Manage Multiple Semesters per Calendar Year
  7. Manage Multiple Classes per Semester/Course
  8. Manage Instructors and Assistants per Class
  9. Manage Unique Grading Scheme per Class
  10. Manage Unique Grading Scheme per Instructor
  11. Manage Unique Grading Scheme per Institution
  12. Manage Instructors per Class
  13. Manage Instructors per Institution
  14. Manage Students per Institution
  15. Manage Student Institution Admission
  16. Manage Student Certification(s) per Admission
  17. Manage Student Enrollment per Semester per Certification(s)
  18. Manage Assignments per class
  19. Manage Class Curriculum
Features In Queue
  1. Manage Attendance
  2. Manage Grading
  3. Graphing/Reporting


AbstraEdu as it grow with its community should potentially have a future impact on education. With the fact that it is free, it is the user community activities that will determine the effectiveness and worth of AbstraEdu.